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Injustice 2 – PC Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Point 1: Injustice: Gods Among Us wasn’t announced for PC either. And yet, here it is. The same goes for Mortal Kombat IX. In both cases we got the Complete Edition with all the DLC, and they mostly worked fine. The only...
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MLB 18 – XBOX360 Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments In baseball, a strikeout occurs when a pitcher throws three strikes to a batter during his time at bat.[1] Twenty different pitchers have struck out at least 18 batters in a single nine-inning Major League Baseball (MLB) game as of 2016,[a] the...
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Memoranda – PC Free Torrent

Memoranda is a 2D point and click adventure game inspired by author Haruki Murakami’s surreal short stories.The game tells the story of a young lady who gradually realizes that she is forgetting her own name. But is she really losing her memory? A point and click adventure game...
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Anno 2070 – PC Free Torrent

With Anno 2070, a well-regarded series of strategic city builders goes rushing headlong into the future. No longer do you produce spices and dates, or ivory and jade. Such notions seem almost quaint in Anno 2070, where fancy health drinks and microchips are in high demand, and submarines...
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Dead Rising 2 Off the Record – PC Free Torrent

Be careful what you wish for. Since Dead Rising’s release in 2006, players have been clamoring for a sandbox mode. In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, you finally have a chance to tear through Fortune City without a leash pulling you through, and it’s now clear why...
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Survarium – PC Free Torrent

A first-person MMO shooter developed by the Ukrainian studio Vostok Games. Survarium is set in a post-apocalyptic universe of a near future, where human civilization lost a war against the forces of nature. Players take command of one of the remaining humans, who now gather in small groups...
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Fe – PC Free Torrent

In Fe, you awaken as a young cub all alone in a forest. The game focuses on exploration, discovery, and learning the ecosystem of the world around you. Fe’s announcement continues EA’s trend of publishing smaller titles by independent developers, now called EA Originals, following EA’s reveal of...
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Torment Tides of Numenera – PC Free Torrent

When you receive a ‘Great Horses of the Isle of Wight 2017’ calendar from your uncle this holiday season, tear it open, flip to February, break out your spiffy new glitter gel pens, and write “NEW TORMENT!!!” on February 28th. That’s the newly-announced release date for Torment: Tides...
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Sine Mora EX – PC Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Sine Mora is a side-scrolling shoot’em up that provides a unique challenge, where time is the ultimate factor. Mixing classic shooter sensibilities with contemporary presentation, Sine Mora is a gorgeous shoot’em up offering both a Story Mode that weaves an over-the-top tale...
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NHL 20 – Xbox360 Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Only 17 players have played in over 1,500 games; of those, 12 have been inducted into the Hall of Fame and three more are not yet eligible for induction. Three of those 17 (Nicklas Lidstrom, Alex Delvecchio and Steve Yzerman) played their...
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