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Hand of Fate 2 – Xbox360 Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Deckbuilding returns to life in Hand of Fate 2. Once more the Dealer sits at the table, and the Game of Life and Death begins once more. At stake is more than mere lives. This time, you play for the fate of...
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Imprint X – Xbox360 Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Each Warden is a robotic web of switches, buttons, and hidden panels, challenging you to remember and react in the correct pattern to progress. These sequences grow more complex and involved with each stage, evolving into machines that unfold into larger forms...
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The Culling full release – Xbox360 Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments For all of you fans of the Girl on Fire, Katniss Everdeen, you can finally live out your fantasies of fending for yourself on a deadly island now that The Culling has entered Early Access even earlier than expected. In fact, you...
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Path of Exile – Xbox360 Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments The player controls a single character from an overhead perspective and explores large outdoor areas and underground caves or dungeons, battling monsters and fulfilling quests from NPCs to gain experience points and equipment. The game borrows heavily from the Diablo series, particularly...
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MLB 20 – XBOX360 Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Kevin Pillar (thumb) is expected to return from the disabled list when eligible on Tuesday. Walks have plagued Francisco Liriano this season (5.5 per nine innings as a Pirate), but he has kept them somewhat in check as a Blue Jay, as...
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Pes 2018 – XBOX360 Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments One of the other big areas for improvement is the PC version of the game. PES 17 has a markedly lower Metacritic score for PC than it does for console, and plenty of people have complained that it received a lazy PC...
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Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days – Xbox360 Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments “As huge fans of Reservoir Dogs, we’re very focused on creating a highly addictive experience that stays true to the tense, dramatic vibe of this unforgettable movie,” Big Star Games CEO Liam Patton said. “By taking control of different characters for overlapping...
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Cities Skylines – Xbox360 Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments Players start with a plot of land – equivalent to a 2-by-2-kilometre (1.2 mi × 1.2 mi) area[1] – along with an interchange exit from a nearby motorway, as well as a starting amount of in-game money. The player proceeds to add...
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Strafe – Xbox360 Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments The player’s job as a scrapper is to collect scrap (an in-game currency) for use in recycling facilities. Sent by an unnamed party to the edges of space where ‘no communications will reach’, your scouting ship sets out to join the spacecraft...
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Utawarerumono Mask of Deception – Xbox360 Free Torrent

Share Tweet Share Share Email Comments These sprawling epics are going to chew through time, as they have tons of story to reveal, but you won’t mind because the story is incredible, plus there are fantastical beasts to fight, powerful magic to unleash, political machinations to partake in,...
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